Can't find revisions

Whilst working and destroying all my previously functional controls just after re-assigning the Parameter ID’s I tried to get back to one of the recently stored revisions. At least I thought that revisions were stored. But I can’t find any of the most recent ones. Just from June this year. I even stored new with a given name today.

Can someone please tell me where to find them?

Or did I get something completely wrong here?

Thanks in advance for some enlightening.

I’m not sure all revisions allready work as foreseen, but go and check in the beta version of the webeditor, at
First check if they are there. Be careful however, the beta version version will ask you to upgrade to the beta version as well. If you do find the version you are looking for in there, you might give it a try to restore, but it might not work.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Much appreciated.

I just thought it should work. Otherwise I wonder wherefore it stores all the revisions if one don’t have access to it afterwards.

Before I switch to beta I’d probably better store backups of the projects locally.

For this particular case I found my workarounds to correct all the found issues without the need to go back to a revision.

Thanks again!

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