DSI Evolver

it would be really nice to have a preset for the dsi evolver !

i would start it by myselfe but i dont get it to work with the evolver and midi learn…
if somebody could help me out with settings on the evolver/electra one to transmit the right data please !


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I do not have Evolver, but I got DSI Mopho working fine - using the NRPN. I assume Evolver has similar MIDI implementation.

For the start, can you do following:

  • have DSI Evolver connected to Electra
  • start ElectraOneConsole
  • turn on Midi learn in the Editor
  • change some parameters on the Evolver

After doing this you should have some “log messages” in the ElectraOneConsole. Those messages can be downloaded. If you send them to me. I can check what is happening.


hi martin,
just mailed it out to you !