New Preset posted: Roland SE-02 (V2)

HI, I’ve received my E1 last week, and this is the first preset I’ve made, which is for the Roland SE-02 last firmware version.

Main points:

  • the patch features that are hidden in the menu are now brought into the open, including the second LFO specifically for PWM purposes!
  • I’ve made a transposing page for both octaves and semitones, which can be useful when running a sequence.

Main missing feature : allthough the Roland uses SysEx for patches, I can’t find any documentation about it, so any help is appreciated.

Check it out :slight_smile: Roland SE-02 (V2) PRESET


amazing, just came in to look for this today! thank you so much.
I’ve just integrated the SE-02 into my live setup and am struggling with the fact that it doesn’t have a knob “pick-up” mode like many synths with presets. does your template update when you load a new preset on the synth? is that related to the sysex patch request feature you mention is missing?

Unfortunately it is indeed the SysEx I need to provide a template update.
This being said, I still completed this Preset with all patch functions because I found it quite inspiring when playing the SE-02, even without the template update.

I looked around but I can’t find the Sysex implementation chart , especially the parameter table for the patch dump, for the SE-02. That one is vital to be able to get you your pickup mode.

If anyone has it . Or cares to reverse engineer the said table?

I couldn’t find it either.
There is a software editor done by SE themselves, I looked into the manual and there’s no implementation detailed there either.

I will try to ping somebody at Roland. I think it is quite a pity they do not publish sysex implementations for all their gear. It is weird especially for them, because they often provide extra functionality/parameters over the sysex…

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worst case is someone takes the time to stick a MIDI Monitor in between the SE-02 editor and the hardware and captures/maps out everything being sent and received.

Roland in the past has been very helpful when I contacted their service centers for parts, manuals, etc. Not sure what they are like today though.

Wrote SE too, will let you know if I hear back!

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I have the SE-02 editor from Studio Electronics, so I thought it might be worthwhile monitoring the traffic going on between the two of them. The editor only finds the SE-02 via USB, any one has an idea how to intercept USB MIDI data from editor into SE-02 (MIDI thru won’t work, I tried that, but the editor won’t connect with the SE-02 if midi thru or MIDI echo is on)? I’m pretty sure it is MIDI !

The other way round is easier, by monitoring what came out of the DIN MIDI OUT of the SE-02.

Here’s what I found: if the editor requests a patch from the SE-2 , the SE-2 responds in 4 chunks:
3 times 78 Bytes, and one time 62.


The header starts as follows
41 = Roland
10 = Device ID (if the SE-02 follows Roland standards)
00 00 00 44 will be the Model ID SE-02 (Roland typically adds one or more 00H’s in front of the Model ID to ‘differentiate various things’ (found in D-05 MIDI manual)
12 is usually a Roland command ID (DT1) for transfer while 11= RQ1 is the counterpartner for Request.
So my guess is where are indeed looking at a data transfer where shortly after 12 is the body , consisting of an address then data and it ends with a checksum.

When the SE02 editor is finding the SE-02 for the first time, this is what the SE-02 responds :

Last check: retrieving the first patch of the first bank, for which I know it is called INBOUND . I believe the names to be 16 digits long. The name is in the second to last row: 49 6E 62 6F 75 6E 64 and a bunch of zero’s stand for “Inbound”

Hope this has some value for someone somewhere :slight_smile:

Can you select the output in the editor?
Because then you can use loopbe midi as a virtual midi connection to route traffic thru midi-ox


Thanks. Ports can be selected.
I’ll try it out later in the week. I haven’t used loopbe yet, but I know more or less what it is, so this might work.

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