[Preset] Waldorf Pulse with Patch select and patch parsing

V1.0 WALDORF Pulse with Patch Parsing Electra One App


1996 Vintage Synth

New in V1.0

  • everything, the preset isn’t thoroughly tested yet

Used MIDI settings in the Pulse

  • MIDI channel = 14
  • Device ID = 0 (needed for SysEx, another ID will not yield expected results)

Highlights / attention points

  • The first 3 pages are the sound and ARP parameters
  • The 4th page is the Globals monitoring page. To get the current settings, press the ‘Glob.Request’ pad. Be aware, it only reads the global settings from the Pulse, it won’t change them.
  • The Performance Page (nr 6) has the program change buttons on the last line. I have added artificial banks to limit selection to user patches , preset patches or the random generator. A program change will visualise the settings of the selected patch.
    The rest are the main parameters repeated here for live use.

You don’t need to parse SysEx for the Pulse, it has a “Controllers Request” message – 0x3E 0x0B 0x00 0x4B – which causes it to dump CCs for all patch values, which in turn updates all controls on E1.


Pulse’s preset design now makes use of the firmware 3 esthetic capability and is more condensed to reduce page changes.