Rhodes Chroma CC+

A preset with full support of Rhodes Chroma with CC+ upgrade.

Preset made by Martin:
rhodes-chroma.epr (44.1 KB)

Preset made by Frank McGing:
rhodes-chroma-2.epr (41.8 KB)

checked my chroma today and found something strange…
it seems as the midi values are twice as much as is needed…for example when i use tune and start with zero up to 31 it tunes perfect but is starting again with the lowest value on 32 up till 63 !?
also for vcf tune/resonance /adsr etc…
when i reduce the max midi value to 63 it works as it should…

ok and any tip for settings on the chroma to get requested parameter values for patches ?
somehow it dosnt work for me using the first right button on the controller !?



I did not realize that this preset must be adjusted after adding a support for display values. Please find enclosed fixed version.

Also, following settings must be made on your Rhodes Chroma (for details please visit http://www.rhodeschroma.com/?id=cpuplusmanual#configurationmidi):

In Set split 36 must be following set:

  • P4 Program Changes “On”
  • P6 Parameter Changes “On”
  • P30 Auto-send “On”

Please Note Electra expects Chroma with default MCM map. With this settings Electra will reflect any program or parameter changes done on Chroma’s panel. Enclosed preset adds support for Patch request button.

Let me know if above instructions helped. Thanks.

rhodes-chroma.epr (44.1 KB)
rhodes-chroma-2.epr (41.8 KB)