2 virtual parameters with the same number are not unique

I thought that 2 parameters of the same type with the same number actual refer to the same parametermap, but I might be mistaken.

If two controls refer to the same parametermap , they will behave in sync I assumed, but the two controls below behave independently, and I wasn’t expecting that. As a result, I cannot figure out how to recall both their parametermaps. I do this normally with parameterMap.get (deviceId, PT_VIRTUAL, 60), but this only responds to the control with the option list, not to the toggle pad

I know that if you take one control and copy it and then change one, the other follows in sync for sure.

But - that’s always with the same definition of min, max, etc. My guess is that the different ranges and such are causing a validation or format difference and is causing one of the common controls to silently fail to update.

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Perhaps relevant, i,m on the last fw beta version (17?)

I’ve been using 17 and relying on multiple controls to follow the parameterMap value changes, but they are direct copies of each other.

(Different pages, different control IDs of course).

Might have time to run some experiments tonight or tomorrow.

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