Any electra for sale?

Hi I’m searching for an electra one. If you have any for sale just let me know. Europe based. Thanks!


I bought one in January and have not used it much (or at all). I listed it on ebay but let me know if you would be interested in buying it outside of Ebay (I inflated the price there to balance out the Ebay fees). I would just like to get back what I paid for it new (549).

Have a nice day

PS I’m based in Brussels/Belgium

Oh I hadn’t read the full message in my inbox draft and bought it through ebay. If you cancel i can do it outside ebay. Just let me know. Cheers

I cancelled it, is there a way to send you direct messages in here instead of posting in the forum?

found how and sent you a DM

If there is anyone else willing to part with their Electra One, I would be very interested!

Thanks :slight_smile: