Can the one do xv5080 sysex?

Hey I Prague based.
I am considering this controller but i need it to:

  • Roland sysex for the xv5080

I did not manage to do this using the Novation Zero SL mkii.

Np with Oberheim Matrix 6, DX11 or jv roland series.

Can this one do xv5080 sysex? Can you define the data bits and how the checksum is calculated?

Hi, welcome here!

Just took a look at the XV-5080 MIDI specs. It is kind of typical Roland plus handful of CCs. Yes, it can be implemented with Electra. Electra supports addressing individual bits as well as the calculation of the Roland checksum.

Checksum - you can specify the location of the checksum byte and the range of the data (within the sysex message) that is used to calculate it.

An example of controlling the Reverb Time of the Roland JW50 from the Electra One:

    "type": "value"
    "algorithm": "roland", 
    "length": 4, 
    "start": 5, 
    "type": "checksum"

The XV5080 might be similar.


Roland’s SysEx implementation is stellar, very thorough, and it’s totally possible to make a preset for the XV – there’s no other controller I’m aware of that can do so much as the Electra, every preset literally feels like it’s an editor custom-made for the synth at hand.

I just made a preset I’m working on public over here: Electra One App

Feel free to modify as you wish. It is for reference only, I make no promises everything is currently or will keep working :slight_smile:


This is awesome.
Definitely have the electra on my wishlist.



Hi Martin,

Any idea when the One will be available in your shop?

Can I prepay a part and reserve one?



Hi Tim,

there is a delay delivery of the parts again. We were supposed to have the PCBs at the beginning of March. It is mid-March and we are still waiting. I am hoping to have it here by the end of March.

This batch is quite a big one. There is no need to make a prepayment. I will notify you when Electras are available.

Hi Martin, I bought a unit. Your friend delivered it locally in Prague.
I think your controller has a lot of potential.

Greetings from Prague




I know :slight_smile: That was Zdenek, the guy behind the scenes! Happy to hear you like the controller.

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Hi, I can’t seem to find your preset

Right, I parted ways with the XV a few months ago and I deleted the preset having forgotten it was public. I do have a copy as .epr though, I’m attaching it to this message.

Roland XV-5080.epr (271.1 KB)

BTW, this was made before E1 had Lua support – if I were to redo this preset from scratch I’d do it in Lua, should literally be 100-150 lines of Lua to support every parameter and feature of the XV.