Control stuck after dynamically displaying it on Patch Response

In the Sidstation preset, some controls are dynamically displayed dependent on the setting of another control. This is done with a set of preconfigured, invisible controls and a combination of control:setSlot () and control:setVisible ().

The function to move and display the controls is called either when moving the dependent control or through patch.onResponse (). The associated controls are moved on the grid and displayed correctly in both cases. Strangely, when called through the Patch Response, the dynamically displayed controls are stuck and cannot be moved. So turning a knob on the Electra does not have any effect.
The controls are working correctly again, when moving the dependent control.

Sorry for the vague description. Let me know if you need further details.
And in case you take a look at the Lua script of the Sidstation preset, it is not as elegant is it could be. Really just representing my first dirty steps in that languageā€¦ :grimacing: