group:setSlot() - how do I do this?

I want to use setSlot() to create a box around a group of controls. This method does work.

However, you can’t practically use it. If I want to create a box, I have to make the calls in the initial/setup portion of the LUA script and a box is created. BUT, the box is “on top” of all the controls that it surrounds until you move to that page and physically touch/move each knob for the hidden controls. This needs to be done every time you move to a different page or even to a different control set and then back again.

If this is looked at, please also look at the actual pixel boundaries when drawing a box; they don’t appear to be quite the correct widths (draw a box with 1,2,2 and look at alignment to group below that. Same with a box of 3,2,2 - look at alignment of non-box groups on either side.)