GUI editor 'Linked parameters' - can it work for 14-bit signed parameters?

The situation is this -

  • I want to have two sysex controls (‘Level Type’ and ‘Level Value’) operating on the same (bipolar) target parameter.
  • Level Value has a range of +/- 127 and is typical for the target device (14-bit two’s complement, with the sign bit at position 14 (ls bit)).
  • Level Type has a range of 0-3 and is bit-shifted into the lsb of the parameter value string.

So I basically want to add the two controls together in the output - i.e. the Level Value sign bit gets added to the bit-shifted Level Type within the lsb.

Am I correct in thinking I can’t use the sysex byte detail window within the web editor to implement this, as the ‘linked parameters’ feature only operates on parameter bits 0-7 within the string?