How to contribute to the documentation?

Given that I’m new to the Electra One, I am currently reading through every bit and scrap of information, docs, tutorials, source code that I can get hold off. Especially in the documentation I found a couple of error which I would have quickly fixed or commented while reading, sadly this is no longer in a wiki nor is the code open somewhere so I could make a PR?


I will make the github repo public. it is a vuepress app - very easy to edit the pages. thumbs up!


Oh, this will be cool, thanks!

Added to the public github repo.

Whoever wants, please, give a try to running it locally in your environment. Run following commands in the manual directory:

npm install
npm run dev

Once it is running, you can reach the web server at localhost:8080.

vuepress documentation is available at: Introduction | VuePress


Piece of cake! worked right away :slight_smile: