Possible to change preset name via Lua?

I’m building a generic preset that’s controlled from a DAW control plugin depending on what VST is currently focused. I’m looking for a way to show the name of the VST on the Electra One and it seems that the text line at the bottom of the display showing the preset and page name could be the best area. The page names will depend on how certain VST parameters are categorized, so the only one left is the preset name.

Is it possible to change the preset name on the fly via Lua? I only found two callbacks related to presets in the docs.

Is there something else that I could use to show the VST name on the Electra One?


There is an option to use info.setText("Hello World"). It will display extra text on the right side of the bottom bar. I will add info about it to the docs.

Would this work for you? Changing the preset name in the run-time is more complex as the name is used on more places and it could be confusing.


Lua extension docs updated. The function is listed there now.


Thanks, that one fits my use case very well!