[Preset] Novation A-station - new version


I love this little synthesizer from 2001. It is a true successor to the Novation Nova’s, and when figuring out its MIDI parameters, the similarities in controls towards the Peak and Summit were surprising.

Overall, I like its sound, so this is a pretty neat virtual analog to make music with.
And via the Electra One, it’s quite easy to open up all of its advanced sound design features.

You’ll find the preset here.

The manual, apart from some omissions, is pretty complete and has a lwell defined MIDI SysEx chapter.
Allthough the parsing is yet to be done.

Have fun!


I’m still in love with this device that was based on the legendary SuperNova synths. What a sound !

This is a truely underrated synth. You can buy it cheap and the sounds are great for those that look for vintage sounds, but don’t made VA generation.

I’ve updated the Preset today:

  • fixed the bugs
  • added color changes for easier understanding of what is going on (between non-synced and synced rates)
  • changed the colors a bit (less is more), in line with the new color standard I set myself
  • E1 specific : a rerouting function has been added (“Globals” page): not every one has a breath controller. Now you can reroute any other inbound CC between 1 and 119 to CC2 to take advantage of the Breath Controller modulation options offered by the A-station
  • 2 separate performance pages: one with and one without ARP

Next to come now is Patch Parsing !