Trying to set up note control of EDP looper

Now, I’ve used midi for years, but i’m in a new area now, and i’m hoping that my question makes sense. I will try various settings of the note message…I’m not sure if there is any harm here in sending the note offs, which vary in their timing whether you choose toggle or momentary.

I’ve been using a midi foot pedal controller to set this up (I should confess that both this controller, and the 2 EDPs (for stereo potential) are new to me. But - for most of the ‘direct midi’ commands, the idea is to send it a note on. I’m not sure whether the note off will have any affect. There are commands that require the note offs, and hence the ‘momentary’ choice, but most of them do not require the note off, and since this isn’t playing a synth, it doesn’t result in stuck notes. But there seems no way to do this on the If I choose ‘toggle’ then when i press the button a second time, it sends the note off, which would get kind of confusing here even if it doesn’t do something unexpected. So, the only choice seems to be to set it up as momentary, on the theory that the note off won’t matter. hmmmm. No way to JUST send a note on?

EDIT: thus far there doesn’t seem to be an issue with using the momentary setting for notes. The note off doesn’t do anything if not required…but obviously will be handy for functions that do require a note off (anything that uses the ‘sus’ insert mode, for instance). So, maybe the question evolves to whether anyone else here has used the to influence an EDP?

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Hi, I understand your point perfectly. I was focused too much on the “synth experience” where the off event comes after the note on.

With current firmware you could achieve what you need with a simple Lua script. It is, however, a bit of hassle for such a simple thing. I will add it on the TODO and will see what I can do about it. With CCs, NRPNs etc it is possible to skip the on or off event by not specifying the value. This is what is missing for the Note…

well, on the other hand, it looks like there is no problem with sending ‘extra’ note offs. I like things to be efficient, but it doesn’t look like a big deal. I just will leave it to momentary. I suppose (not being an expert at all) maybe the only danger is that it would add to the volume of midi events, and potentially cause some issues…but given that i’m going to be sending it just a few note on events, i don’t think it’s an issue.

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