Unexpected RPN messages when using NRPN controls?

anyone an idea as to the cause of this?
More often than not when the preset on the Novaton Summit (Electra One App) is supposed to send an NRPN message, it does not only send the expected 4 MIDI messages

  • 99 (NRPN MSB),
  • 98 (NRPN LSB),
  • 38 (Data LSB) and
  • 6 (Data MSB),

but it is followed by

  • 101 (RPN MSB) and
  • 100 (RPN LSB),

and those last two are not expected …

The example below shows the result on Midi-Ox when turning ‘FX Dry Level’ control on the performance page

hi @NewIgnis, these two RPNs are to reset the active controller. It is common practice to do so. see MIDI NRPN and RPN by Phil Rees. Does it cause any issues? Pls let me know.

Ah, I didn’t know that. Never knew that CC100 and CC101 on value 127 was considered as a closing instruction for the last NRPN parameter. Thanks for the info , @martin .

I further checked the issue I had, and can confirm it is not related to the RPN transmission.
Case closed.