Waldorf Microwave mk1 v2.0

Hi, my Electra One arrived this Monday. I’ve been leeching all the community’s great work last couple of days and editing TX81Z and the like to fit my purposes.
So a big general thank you to the community and also to Martin and all at Electra. The box is proving incredible already.
I noticed a lack of Microwave mk1 presets, so stopped dithering and had a crack at a sysex preset today. Just two pages - filters, osc etc, on “main” and the wavetable envelopes and mod sources on page 2.
The Wavetable envelope on the Microwave is 8 stage, rates with levels- since I’m total newb I went for 2 x DX7 envelopes splitting the 8 stages between two graphics. Less than ideal, obviously, and the rates work backwards. But nevertheless, I’m having more fun with the Microwave than I have in 23 years of owning one.
So, maybe someone else will dig it.
I’m about to tackle Oberheim Matrix 1000. If anyone has a non newb implementation in the works, please let me know - save me from reinventing the wheel, badly; I’ll wait patiently.


Hi @NickMcC

Welcome here! And thanks for sharing your work immediately. There are still many things to do on the Electra project. e.g. the envelopes. I prefer to come up with some more general concept where any type of envelope could be created. For now we have to use what we have.

Btw. I love the bitmaps you made in your preset! :slight_smile:

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Cheers Martin, really appreciate that. This machine is incredible. Great work.
So, a question - is there a nice editor for looking at JSON/eif/epr files? (OSX/command line). The commas and white space all collapse into one enormous wall of text.
I remember there being a way to do use commas and anything else as delimeters in Vim but I’m not great shakes with that thing and websearches evade me.
I’ve had some surprising success with little effort on your instrument definitions on github, so I’m thinking about muddling through bi-directional & parsing for my remaining boxes:
I just managed to change the channel bytes in the eif files for TX81Z and MKS50 - needed since I have each box hooked up to a MOTU MTP in/out, but static channels so I can sequence without the computer - I have fully bidirectional operation with those two and my MicroQ now. MTP is patching Electra out to 5 synths, and their outs are being merged back into Electra. I was worried about the integrating yesterday but so far it’s been simple, (excepting reacclimatising to sysex, what is the rules syntax for two’s complement btw? )
Stunning. This is indeed the machine I’ve been wanting for a very long time.

…and yes, you noticed the full on pro job on the bitmaps, hahahahaha.