Write to a Sysexblock

I’m doing an editor for Novations Bass Station 2. Bulk of it is working fine

I’ve got a requirement where I want to request a patch dump from the Bass Station. I want to change the last 16 bytes that I receive from it and then send the altered sysex back to the Bass Station

I was going to use the SysexBlock library - but whilst I can see how I can read from that I don’t see how I can write to it

What’s the best way of approaching this ?

Easiest is to copy it to a local buffer, change the bytes and then pass that buffer back using the midi.sendSysex() (or whatever that message is actually called - answering from a phone here, hard to look things up)


the SysexBlock has some limitations due to backwards compatibility with mk1. Modifications to an existing SysexBlock on mk1 would be very slow. At this point, the approach that @oldgearguy suggests is the best way to go. Having said this, I will consider adding a function that would make creating copies easier.

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Thanks, have used this approach and seems to do what I want