Any way to get current value before changing it?

It seems that there is no way to read the current value of a control after it is touched, but before the value changes.

So – if control A was changed from 0 to 17, then control B was changed from 0 to 90 and then if I go back to change control A and turn it one click to the right, I get the value 18, but there is no way in that moment to read the value of 17 (previous state) so I know how much of a change and in what direction.

It seems the only way to handle that now is to save off the value when another control is touched and then read it back when the original control is moved.

Is that correct or am I missing something obvious?

it was suggested to me to look at the events and use the onPotTouch() event and that looks promising.

So maybe it’s all good now.

well, yeah, in a way. But it will not handle the screen touch… just wanted to mention that.

some quick testing tonight –

using the events.onPotTouched() callback, the “touched” parameter is not true/false, it appears to be 1/0

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fixed. An adjusted version will be released to beta later today.


Now it’s a race to see if we can ask for more quick fixes before you send out the next version.



Not much has been added :slight_smile:

An updated version of the firmware is available on beta. I also updated the documentation, there was a wrong library name mentioned.

@moss the touched parameter of events.onPotTouch is a boolean type now. Not a 0 / 1 number. You might want to check if it works fine with your extension.

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@martin I only use the sysex event and that still works fine.

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