Assign multiple controls to the same slot.. how?

With lua It is easy to assign muliple controls to the same slot, and then only make one of them visible. But in order to get there, I’ve always first defined those controls in separate slots (invisible) and then move them to the right slot (visible) when needed.
That’s how I change between one control for the lfo rate in an unsynced fashion to another shown on the same spot, when the lfo is to be synced to MIDI.

Anyhow for large synths, this is not practical anymore. We need all the slots in all the pages already upfront, and then still we haven’t got enough room.
Let alone to use up slots for invisible controls whose only purpose is to be moved elsewhere.

One of the ways to solve this is to save space by using the same slots for each of the 2 or 3 oscillators, each of the 2 filters, each of the envelopes, each of the effects etc… but how can I define multiple controls on one and the same spot inthe making of the preset? Should I be tweaking some definitions in .eproj and then import this as a new preset? And if this would work ,could we still be using the web editor for the regular work, or would that one crash on such usage of slots? In that case all the editing should be done outside the web editor, which would render the idea impractical.

Not addressing your post specifically, but more of a philosophical point of view.

At some point, the device complexity exceeds the ability of an external controller. I’ve run into this with the Novation Zero, the Liine Lemur, and the Electra One. After a point, the extra device isn’t really helping.

In those cases, I’ve decided to just use the external box to help with the most problematic areas (like the Mod Matrix in the Waldorf XT, since the rest of the synth has a lot of dedicated controls), or if it’s a 1U minimal box, the most common things to edit like VCO, VCF, envelopes.

Running into this as well. So far I’ve been adding such alternate controls to a separate page on the same position, manually editing the .epr after saving to change the pageId of those controls. Would be nice if the webeditor would support such designs.

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I get what you are saying, and it’s indeed a different approach. I have a lot of 80’s and 90’s rackmount gear, all of whom suffer from an absolute lack of physical controls (like a Korg 03RW or a Yamaha TG77) or are not controllable at all from the device itself (Korg TR-Rack, Oberheim 1000). For some modern synths without display showing multiple settings at once, I use the E1 to make the sound design visible to the end user (OB-6, P-6, Roland SE-02, Minitaur). Some of these synths are very hard or impossible to save a preset from the device itself (Oberheim Matrix-1000, Moog Minitaur) so in that case I need to be able to capture all parameters in order to feed them back.
I even have a DSI Mopho that refuses to write patches using its physical write button, so there’s the challenge to overcome that hurdle with the Electra One.

All in all, these are reasons to me to try to capture all parameters at once.

Mind you, it’s not gonna be possible for all of the synths or possible via only one preset, but I’ll try.

Definitely applaud your efforts and by doing these it helps other folks with techniques and code to solve their problems.

This is one of the few hw communities I’ve been a part of that is unfailingly helpful and discussions don’t devolve into nastiness. Ilk keep doing whatever I can to support Martin and the Electra One.


You nail it. This forum gives energy, it doesn’t drain it away.


Completely agree about the forum! Thank you all so much for that! Had hoped the Tourbox community was a bit more like this, but nope… That controller is sitting in its box here mostly because of that!


I have now updated the makedevices python script in the Ableton remote script project to automate this.