Asymmetric fader acceleration at Left/Right edges

I’ve noticed that using knobs to control CC faders, the behavior feels very very strange as you move away from the midpoint of the fader… Around the midpoint, it behaves as expected. But when you get to the right and left edges, the knob control becomes asymmetric.

On the left side, the acceleration is strong towards the left. If I move the knob back and forth consistently, the fader will drive itself all the way to the left edge. On the right side, it is the opposite. Moving the knob back and forth, the fader drives itself to the right edge.

It’s most noticeable with fewer value increments, say display values 0-10. You can literally get stuck at value 0 unless you twist the knob quite hard to the right! Is this a bug? What is going on with fader acceleration?

EDIT: Actually it seems more of a problem on the LEFT edge of the fader range. Also, using values 0-10 is a bad example of getting stuck on the left side. Instead use -100 to 100 values and the left side is “sticky” and hard to get away from.

I think I had that behaviour too, for two different reasons:

  • when I have a set of hide/show instructions to be done at a certain value, it was not uncommon that particular value change took longer than normal
  • when there is a feedback loop : cc changes going out of the electra one that ultimately enters back into the electra somehow. When you turn to the left and keep turning you send out a sequence of zero’s, that then come back in with a bit of delay and systematically force your cc back to 0. If you have this kind of loop, be sure to cut it off. Try this: move the fader to the left and release it for a second or so. Then move it to the right. If this can be done with that ‘getting stuck’ you describe, it’s probably a loop…

I’ve seen this too, especially with negative-valued faders as you describe on the 2.2 firmware. This is fixed in the 3.0 beta.

Thanks that’s good to hear. Looking forward to 3.0 firmware.

I checked for midi loops and don’t think that’s the culprit here (but that’s a good thought). Hoping there’s just something buggy in the knob behavior that is addressed in an update.

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