Callbacks for touch/release of controls?

Martin (or anyone else) - is there a way to get a callback when a user touches a pot/button and/or releases it? I can currently wait on sending messages if a pad is defined as virtual and only a minimum (or maximum) is entered, but I don’t see a way with the encoders.

One way I thought of to minimize the data being sent back would be to let a user turn a control to get a new value and only after they let it go, compose a MIDI message to send to the device.

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Hi Tom, I am currently merging the Lua script API (that was supposed to be part of the standalone Lua firmware) with the Lua extension of the regular Midi controller firmware.

I started with adding callbacks for handling incoming MIDI. Quite some people asked about that. That will be released in upcoming 2.1.5. Other callbacks (or a subset of them) will be done in later releases. I need to think about how to merge it with existing UI.

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Martin - no worries.

Also, thinking about it more, this (callbacks for pot touch/release) may be one of those feature requests that ends up causing more problems than it solves. My hands/fingers are big and I can see on the Electra One screen when my fingers brush against a knob when I’m actually reaching to turn a different one (the brief underline shows me).

So in practice, I might end up having to track “encoder touch”, “encoder movement”, “encoder release” and check to see if other things were not touched/moved in between those steps. At that point, a different approach to solving the problem might be cleaner.

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