Firmware 2.1.5

The firmware 2.1.5 is available for the download.

The firmware is available on the Downloads page and the documentation has been updated.

This release brings major upgrade of handling MIDI messages in Lua. It is now possible to register callback functions for all types of MIDI messages. I was planning to release more fixes / features, but I have eventually decided to release this separately - just in case anything went wrong. Full list of callbacks is available at Lua extension | MIDI callbacks. I am also adding links to two presets to demonstrate bi-directional MIDI communication using the Lua script and virtual controls:

I would love to get some feedback, especially on using the devices vs freestyle interface/port/channel. Electra requires devices in order to keep track of the parameter values, but I wanted to give devs more freedom in Lua… Any input on this is welcome.

Changelog :

  • Fix: make sure the MIDI status bar is always shown after the start up.
  • Add Lua callbacks for handling all types of incoming MIDI messages - MIDI callbacks.

@RobinC - the plain JSON based PitchBend and Aftertouch are on the way. Do not worry. I just did not want to combine editor changes with this firmware release.

Thanks @martin I maybe able to get the Lua additions to do what I want

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Hey, Martin, Happy New Year-

I’m trying to update my device from firmware 0.9.3 (… it’s been awhile…) - the recessed button next to the MIDI I/O is not doing anything at the moment. The old console program recognizes the device and allows me to attempt to upgrade the firmware- however, the link to firmware 1.5 isn’t working from the firmware page, so I’m not sure if double-upgrading the firmware will fix the issue I’m seeing.

Any ideas? The device seems to work correctly, I can see 3 port available in the configuration page, but none of them seem to be the expected names (Electra Controller Electra CTRL/Port 1/Port 2) and I can’t save the configuration file.


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Hi Karwood,

please reach me on the website chat. The blue icon in the right-bottom corner of the home page.



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