Can I use the "parameter number" within the sysex message?

Basically that. Trying to wire up a setup of berhinger neutron which follows pretty much the same pattern for its sysex where the last two bytes are parameter number and value. For now I just type in the parameter byte manually but I need to do it in two places so it’s suboptimal.

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The parameter number can be inserted with a Lua function to the SysEx template. I know it is suboptimal too. The goal in long run is be able to place the parameter number to the message directly and in the same way as we work with values (with the byte and bit manipulations). This should, however, come with some sort of sharing of SysEx message templates as it will be possible to use one SysEx template for many controls. I hope you catch my drift…

I think I figured it out now; quite some copy-pasting but it’s still better than doing the manual tweaks.