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Will do a few tweaks, but this seems to be pretty functional right off the bat, and fun!

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Nice work. Of course you can use the waveform graphs which are in the Roland SE-02 preset Electra One App

For the envelopes, try out the following: use the standard ADSR control, but give the decay and the release the same controller number. They will act in sync, and so the representation of the envelope would be what you are looking for: showing four stages, but with only three controls.


Of course, that’s just brilliant, I will implement the envelope change later today. And thank you for the use of the mapped waveforms!

Much thanks to NewIgnis for his help! This Electra Preset is now ready to go, the only thing I want to do at this point is figure out if I can use 14-bit CC messages for Filter Cutoff and OSC 2/3 Tuning. Please update and enjoy!


OK, I have significantly updated the preset to improve the workflow with the OSC section, and in the process removed the now superfluous Mixer section. This more accurately represents how a real Mini is played. Please update and try it out.