[Preset] Moog Minitaur V3: Patch select & save + LFO + EG + Mod Matrix + Reso Compensation

I recently acquired a Moog Minitaur (after I heard Thorsten Quaeschning of Tangerine Dream use it in a life concert) and now made a preset for it.
The Minitaur has its own characterful bold sound, but is a disaster to tweak as a about half of its parameters are hidden behind unmemorisable button combinations.
Moreover the patch select and saving functionality on the instrument itself is a nightmare, so this is where the Electra One shines and can complete such instrument :slight_smile:


It contains all parameters per preset on one-and-a-halve pages, and the most relevant general settings.
Firmware 2.2.2 must be installed on the Moog Minitaur to make it all work.

What was quite important to me, is to add patch saving (third page).

Still do to: I will add name resolution and patch parsing later on. Enjoy

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Until now, I was pretty happy with mine, which also covers all the hidden params.
By happy accident, when having the Minitaur plugged into the e.one USB host port, turning some pots on the synth also updates the e.one (not all controls tough).
Funny you choosed to add a separate control for each ENV segment, while I used a single ADSR ENVELOPES dedicated control that IIRC opens an overlay to edit those.
Anyways, good work you did implementing patch saving! Way out of my league.
Make sure you categorize your pannel under “Moog”, so it appears in the e.one application main page when using drop-down menu filters.
For hidden params access, I think this new magnetic overlays will help combine both worlds:


I usually give each EG segment its own control for immediacy reasons.

How do I do that? Haven’t worked that one out.

By the way, the Minitaur has a great sound to itself, but it is lacking a bit in the modulation department. I’m testing out an improved preset with additional modulation capabilities. Will let you know here when it’s ready

IDK how the indexing works, but your Subsequent profile shows up when choosing the Moog brand in the dropdown list.


No such luck with the Minitaur one. Maybe adding Moog to the name or the description? :slight_smile:

About these extra modulations, looking forward what you will come up with
I thought it was Moogerfooger territory.

@martin how do I categorize my presets? Tagging is okay.

Hi @Foksadure and @busa ,

just wanted to let you know I’ve made an enhanced Minitaur V3 preset, with the intention of vastly improving the Minitaur’s capabilities.

So I’ve added an LFO and an EG . The Minitaur now has 2 LFO’s and 3 EG’s :slight_smile:
It makes the Moog do things it couldn’t do on its own.

The E1 LFO is syncable to MIDI clock. Its waveforms can be morphed using Skew, and for the stepped waveforms, you can choose the amount of steps. You can have it free running, or reset to a specific phase 0-359° by Note trigger. And there is a fade in.


The E1 Envelope Generator not only have ADSR stages, but also Init Level, Delay and Hold values. It can loop as well, and you can choose if the EG needs to fully reset per Note trigger or not.


Next to this you can now use Velocity, Aftertouch and Modwheel as additional mod sources.
Each of these 5 mod sources have 2 mod destinations. That is 10 in total :wink:

And then there is a form of resonance compensation you can switch on; for each additional value step in the resonance, I add by default 70% (= compensation ratio) of the value to overall volume, until the maximum hits.

I’ve been testing in on Mk1, and when I’m using too much at the same time, I seem to be running in memory issues. Would like to know your experiences on your E1. Maybe you can do some testing?


Impressive work! :+1:
Got it running on my E1 Mk1. It’s much fun with the extra modulations when playing with the Keystep, esp. aftertouch and the E1 LFO. It brings a new whole lot of expressiveness to the synth engine, and when playing, the ability to have visual feedback from the modwheel or afttertouch values on the E1 controls is a great addition.
I had the E1 crashing twice tough (i.e. going unresponsive) while fiddling with the LFO and MIDI Sync, and running a short sequence in Cubase. Most likely a loop in my intricated MIDI setup (2007 laptop, Midex8 and VST5.1). The Minitaur also had a few hiccups on Note On messages when simultaneously editing controls on the E1, which I suppose is also due to my setup (it is DIN controlled through a DOREMidi USB Host) or MIDI clogging.
Anyways, no bug to report so far, even though I’m not the most qualified person in the QA area. :grin:


For sure using a Midi Cc as mod destination on the E1 and simultaneously controlling the same CC on the Minitaur will lead to hiccups soundwise.
Fir this to work well I need to differentiate between the ‘normal’ value of a CC versus a temporary value due to E1 LFO , EG, or modulation paths.
But I haven’t gone that path yet.