CMI Widi Master

Has anyone tried using a CMI Widi Master with an Electra and a USB power brick to give a highly portable setup?

I’ve got a couple on the way but was curious whether anyone else has already tried this

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My Widi Masters arrived today. I can confirm they work with electra


That is great. I will then order some too. Thanks for sharing!

is there any noticeable latency?

Are you talking about portable chargers? Did you test how long it last on the portable charger?

They are bluetooth midi adapters

I’ve used them with the electra, a keyboard and some vdrums and couldn’t audibly notice any latency. I have tested recording midi. I tend to move my electra around quite a lot so I think this will help me reduce the cable clutter

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I haen’t use the Widi Master yet inconjunction with a potrable charger but will give it a go some time. I have previously use an electra with a power brick but not tested how long the charge lasts for

happy with the Widi master so far?

Yes so far so good - I’ve actually bought another couple. I have one plugged into my Mio 10 interface, 1 in the electra, one in a electronic drum kit and one in a synth. None of them are very far from each other but they have simplified some of my cabling. So far haven’t had an issues and I can’t say that I’ve noticed any issues with latency.

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I can report if any of interest that E1 is working great with Yamaha MD-BT01. I even use 2 of them on 1 E1.