Make the Electra One fully wireless with powerbank and CME WIDI Bud (not Pro)

Would it be possible to connect the WIDI Bud (not the Pro) to the Electra One USB host port? The goal would be to have the WIDI Bud Pro connected to a BomeBox. I want to have a “wireless” Electra One. The Electra One gets power from an USB powerbank. Would this work?

I can’t speak to the specifics of the WIDI Bud - but the way I solved wireless on my own rig was just to buy a second BomeBox :sweat_smile: Since both boxes can support numerous peripherals via a USB hub, I just plug the remote device into the 2nd BomeBox, and then the MIDI signal goes over the wireless network to the 1st BomeBox. It’s a more expensive solution (my second one was $195 USD direct from Thomann to the US) - but it allows me to attach a seemingly unlimited number of devices on each side, instead of just one device.

I have had such poor luck with Bluetooth MIDI…even if there isn’t a latency upon send, if you want feedback (like to the Electra or to a local synth), the Bluetooth has to be received as well…which means it’s now a round-trip situation, and you’re at the mercy of the target’s Bluetooth packet handling, which is often in 12ms chunks and not continuous. I haven’t tried the WIDI Bud - maybe they’ve solved this problem somehow. Would love to hear if anyone has experience with it. My experience is mainly via MIDI controllers with Bluetooth built in (like the Roland Jupiter-XM).

Edit: if you’re powering the Electra via a powerbank, maybe you need to roam around and so a 2nd BomeBox is not ideal, as it needs power - sorry if I am not anticipating your use case!

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