Controlling params.. multiple channels of FM (TX816)

Ive gotten my TX816 out of storage and Im triggering sounds over a few different midi channels…
now here is the issue;
If the TX is receiving note information on channel 1, and the preset I’m using it set to channel 1 also its no problem the Electra will send its control messages along with the notes and I can edit parameters,

If I now set a module to receive notes on channel 2, and load a preset ( a copy of the same preset only now that is now sending on channel 2 in device settings) it receives notes but not the control info.

does anyone know how I can fix this? ( the goal would be that whatever channel I select in my sequencer… as long as I have the preset with the correct midi channel selected it should only effect that particular midi channel. )

I can’t get the ‘parameter change’ led on the front of the TX to light up even if the preset Im using is set to channel 2. It only lights up when the receive channel on the TX is set to channel 1

not sure if this info is pertinent or not

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yes, I know about this and I am working on a solution. The problem is that some synths carry information about the midi channel in their sysex message. In your example it is the “Sub-status/Ch.” byte. If this byte is a static number, the channel is hardcoded in the sysex messages. Changing the channel in the device will be ignored.

What I am planning to do is to add an option to insert a Channel (and possibly other) variables to the sysex messages. I do not want to promise it will be done next week, but it is definitely one of the features that has a priority.

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Ah OK! amazing that you know about this. I tried so many ways to make it work yesterday thinking I was doing something wrong lol.

Im super excited to get to use this TX with the controller multitimbrally. if you can figure this one out you will make my year.


Is there any news on the plan to have channel (and possible other) variables in the sysex messages?
I just ordered the Electra One, and I’m planning to do use it with a Virus TI. It has 16 (identical) tracks, and some parameters are sysex only (having a channel byte).

It will be included in the next firmware release. ETA end of April.

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Great! Thanks Martin.

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Hi guys I wanted to come back to this topic… I need to know how do I go about modifying my current DX7/ TX7 preset to allow it to send the sysex to different channels other than having it hardwired to channel 1 like the TX816 does?

I have to change the ‘sub-status /ch byte’ as shown above?

I dont mind creating multiple presets but if someone knows a way to have one preset control all 8 channels that would be amazing.

Just thinking out loud here.

I really like this idea if you can switch Midi Channels in the template.
But not if you would lose the ‘current paraMeter value’ while you switch.
So ideally the One would remember the ‘paraMeter value’ per channel so you can switch back and forth.
On the other hand you could just add a current ‘patch request Button’. But this is less ideal.

Wouldn’t be easier to introduce ‘variables’ that you can add to the template and use to change midi channels, add bytes to sysex and do MACRO assignments etc?

That sounds interesting. my immediate goal is just getting it working, and if it means making duplicate presets no big deal for now.

I need help cause I need to know exactly what to change in the preset and where.

Hi @lobit perhaps you could upload your presets to different slots.
But if I understand it correctly Martin states that changing the midi channel in the template will not help. you. (See channel below)

You need to find out how to set the “Sub-status/Ch. byte” in your sysex message
According your screenshot that is the 3rd byte.
What do you got there now? Perhaps you can try what you have there now with +1 DEC and see if now it works on Channel 2.


? I am guessing here. So fingers crossed

         "name":"Pioneer Toraiz AS-1",

Ok but where do I go to enter this changes ?

In your template, you can download a template, make changes in the json file and upload it to another preset slot.

Study the sysex string and try to identify the midi channel byte

The Virtual parameters can be used to place the MIDI channel information to the SysEx templates. The idea is to add a Control that allows to select the MIDI channel and insert its value in the SysEx template bytes.

eg. TX81Z uses following sequence of bytes to set parameter 34h to value 66h of the device on midi channel 1 (10h):

"F0", "43", "10", "12", "34", "66", "F7"

this can be turned into a SysEx template:

    "type": "value",
    "rules": [
        "parameterNumber": 1,
        "type": "virtual"
    "type": "value"

Which says: the mnidi channel information comes out of virtual parameter 1 and the value is taken out of the control’s own value. See it in action in the following preset: TX81Z with the channel selector

ok but I don’t know where in the editor to access these sysex templates

where do I click to get into it?

(Im just looking at the preset inside the app editor currently I don’t have the Electra plugged in yet)

it is the field for entering the SysEx data:

oh so I need to change this value for every control field?

looks like the first chunk of data has number like this:

but I don’t know what I would have to change on them… simply to change 00 to the desired channel or?

okay I tried just changing the number so I assume I need a script like what you showed in the TX81z example above,

ok so what I tried next was to replace the 3rd byte with this :

“type”: “value”,
“rules”: [
“parameterNumber”: 1,
“type”: “virtual”

where I changed ‘1’ to ‘2’ but it didnt seem to work am I getting closer at least?

@lobit Martin pasted and example template that demonstrate how it works.

See here:

So I guess you can try to add the sysex for the TX816 and try.
I am no expert here…

I will update the TX7 preset so that the channel selection is there. Regarding the TX816, do I get it right that TX816 is basically a bunch of DX7 modules, each listening on its own channel?