Yamaha DX7 / TX7

A preset for Yamaha TX7. Still needs to be verified on Yamaha DX7

yamaha-tx7.epr (140.8 KB)

Improved version of Yamaha TX7 preset. Please use this one with firmware 0.9.11 and higher.

yamaha-tx7.epr (140.8 KB)

Good morning, Martin. Thanks for all your hard work. I am wondering if there has been any testing done with the dx7 since this post? Thank you.

Hi Andy, I know only people with TX7. As nobody asked about it since the original posting I did not do much about it. I just emailed a friend of mine who has DX7 to see if he was willing to test.

Thank you. I look forward to their response!

Has anyone on this forum used the E1 with a DX7?

Hello, new user here.
I will check DX7 before the end of year. I suppose there shouldn’t be any problem with TX7 editing template, basically it should work with DX7, DX5, TF1, DX7 II D/FD, DX7s, TX802.
But generally it’s necessary to know some facts and accept the reality:

  • According to MIDI standard SysEx data have priority, so when sent together with music data, it can cause delay and rhythm problems with music data.
  • Old Yamaha instruments were not designed for real-time control. Edit buffer is small, data processing slow.
  • To hear a change in parameter value it is necessary to retrigger key. That means nothing will change on sustained tones or chords, and sending SysEx commands can probably stop the sounding. I will check this.
  • As I have written many times in various forums, a whole concept of Yamaha algorithm synthesis is not ideal for any changes, because control is not analog, continuous - there are abrupt jumps in the sound when the most important sound parameters like algorithm, coarse/fine tuning are changed… Some changes of other parameters like envelope rates and levels will be not to hear immediately, all this depends on position of operator in algorithm. And because some parameters are narrowly connected with others, when conditions are not set or one parameter activated, another one will have no effect. Of course this is not a mistake.

Many years ago I have owned Jellinghaus DX7 MIDI controller but sold it without regret - because of all above mentioned problems it didn’t work well with DX7. In no case it can’t be expected that Electra could work better - problems are on the side of Yamaha.
But still SysEx control can be used for creating sounds. Which is also the main task for Electra controller.

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With TX7 this depends on given parameter. Some are updated in real time, to name a few - coarse and fine frequencies, while for others the change is reflected with new notes. As mentioned, it is FM synthesis and changing parameters in realtime have different behaviour…

Yes, that’s right, I stay corrected. :slight_smile:

Thank you for such a thorough response! I look forward to your results with the dx7. Cheers.

is there any possibility to add simple portamento controls to this preset?

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hi @lobit, I am planning to adjust my version of TX7 preset - I want to add “Envelopes” there. When I am doing that I will add the portamento control too. Thanks for reporting!


An improved version of the TX7/DX7 preset:


  • Performance data added (including portamento controls @lobit asked for)
  • Replaced envelope parameter faders with visual envelopes
  • Reorganized the layout / still not happy with that though

Thanks a lot Martin ! Looks great.
I read your comment that Memory Protect must be off, may I ask what for ?
And what is it that you call "Patch reading " ?

Also, I think the graphic LFO waveforms are a really cool touch I was hoping to get one day, however I couldn’t figure out how you make them appear as an image instead of a text ?

nice one… one minor thing for me is I want to have output levels on the same page at pitch adjustment… how do I move a parameter across pages in the editor? can I somehow click and drag across pages or?

also possible to upload the older version as well?.. I overwrote it by accident and I want to keep the old rates sliders page

You can use CMD+C / CMD+V to copy the controls between the pages. SHIFT + Click allows the selection of more controls.


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The graphic symbols must be included in the preset. At present time, It is possible to do only by editing the source code of the preset file. We are already working on adding an image editor to the Preset editor app.

@nuipb I’ve created a graphics toolkit to help with this.

Thanks Martin, and what about my 2 previous questions ? :slight_smile:

  • I read your comment that Memory Protect must be off, may I ask what for ?
  • what is it that you call "Patch reading " ?