DX7 envelopes: no messages transmitting out of rate 4

With the DX7 envelopes there are no messages transmitting out of rate 4. This was tested on the ElectraOneConsole app.

pls share the preset with me, I think there will be some mistake in mapping midi values to the display values - I will review it. I worked with my TX7 today and did not have problems.

Yamaha TX81Z (RG) 2.epr (38.5 KB)
It’s the last item on the fourth page. I was testing if the DX7 envelope would work with the Yamaha TX81Z. The TX81Z has 5 parameters instead of 8. If the bugs were ironed out and I could selectively turn off the 3 parameters that I couldn’t use it might work. Because of the variety of envelopes out there a more flexible ADSR control would be the ideal, where one could turn parameters on and off and invert the ranges.