Electra in Berlin?

Hi wondering if there’s anyone in Berlin with a unit that would be up for giving a quick demo, either over zoom or in person if anyone feels comfortable? Really would like to understand the feel of the knobs and work flow. Are the encoders smooth or do they have steps?


Hi Rich,
Unfortunately I’m far away in France but I cannot recommend the Electra enough. Feel of the encoders is strictly continuous, no steps. The steps are only visual : values seen on the screen of the Electra.

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Knobs are very smooth and have a very high resolution when you use them with 14bit midi or nrpn (i have the cutoff of diva and repro in 14bit mode).
My main usages:

  1. Soft synths (diva, repro)
  2. Hw rack synths (Mks-80, se atc-x, soon Waldorf pulse), haven’t done the FS1R yet
    I’m in Cologne so no in person demo, but could do a web conference thing.
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I would also be grateful for a short demo in Berlin. Wearing a N95 mask if in person :slight_smile:

Just found out that Gaz Williams presented Electra One on his show:


I have one now in Berlin! Give me some weeks to get my head around it and create some presets and scripts!