Electra lua calls for reading and parsing Midi Messages

I need to send send a CC (I can do that fine) to Osmose (a USB device) which will then spew out a ton of CC53 messages with preset names. Are there predefined lua functions for Elecra to read a Midi messages from a USB midi device and maybe even parse them? Thanks.

There are MIDI callbacks functions that you can define to get a Lua function call when a MIDI message comes in.

You can read more here: Preset Lua extension | Electra One Documentation

You get basic MIDI messages in the different callbacks. Any additional parsing beyond that is up to you.

What is the Osmose sending exactly? Is it sending the preset names one character at a time via CC53?

Thanks for the info. No (actually CC56) is a sentinel and a stream of bytes representing names follows between start and end codes.