Ephemera: Sequencer for Electra One Standalone Lua firmware

The new standalone Lua firmware expands Electra’s horizons into new and exciting territories. After some tinkering with it, I have put together a simple 1-track 16-step sequencer. It is a very simple proof of concept that demonstrates how to build custom UIs on top of Electra’s hardware canvas making use of the hardware features like buttons, knobs, touch screen, timer, midi etc.

As @martin mentioned in the docs, the firmware supports just one simple component, which is a rectangle with a border and label. So, the sequencer UI is proudly 1980s :slight_smile:. It simplified build so that I could focus mainly on using the features. Also, there is no ability to access/save to memory yet. Hence the name, Ephemera.

I made a simple video to walk through the UI: Electra One - Ephemera Sequencer for Standalone Lua Firmware - YouTube

Code can be found in my fork of @martin’s Electra Lua examples repo. As Martin indicated, this is for the braver souls who are willing to experiment :slight_smile:.

Hoping to add more features like step auditions and multi-tracks soon. Eventual aim is to add more abilities like midi effects, per-step parameters, maybe generative stuff? :smiley:.


This is great! Just one note, please, be in touch with me when adding more complexity. I will be extending and adjusting the API. One of the first things to go is to add possibility to bind event handlers for the components.

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That looks awesome, hats off!
It reminds me a bit of my Make Noise René2 Cartesian sequencer. Lots of possibilities!



also nice to see, @martin has added an ‘upload lua script’ to the sandbox, I was wondering about that!


Absolutely, @martin, thanks! Have a bunch of questions and things to discuss based on my time with this over the weekend. Will gather my thoughts and send them your way. Glad to hear that we will get component event handlers. Will help the code structure.

Agreed! It did remind me of Rene as well :slight_smile:. Yes, the usability of the hardware really delivers here. I think we are only limited by whatever restrictions are there in processing power/memory as we build complex apps.

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This Ephemera looks quite promising, congrats ! I would probably merge the PLAY & PAUSE buttons though… Keep up this great additional development !

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Thanks! The suggestion makes a lot of sense, yes. And will free up another button :slight_smile: which I need for track switching and stuff anyway.