Expected time to update firmware?

Just got my E1mk2, and told to update firmware (I think 3.25?)

Followed directions and I seem to be stuck on the updating firmware boot screen; how long does it usually take typically?

I should take around 30 seconds. It is important to reconnect the cable to complete the update.

Ok, I followed the firmware restart instructions for the mk2 and it seems to have updated now, thanks


Ahh, I take that back; every time I re-power up the mk2 it starts in the “Updating Firmware” screen and hangs.

Is there somewhere in the documentation showing how to do a complete factory reset (I don’t care about presets or anything since this is all a new machine anyways)

I am going to add an article about the bootloader and how to use it. For now, mount E1 as the USB disk and remove the update.srec file. It is already flashed. It will work just fine.

Got it; not sure why the update was in there again (maybe I downloaded the firmware one more time or something)