Firmware v3.6.1 for mkII

Minor release with handful of fixes is available for the download. Thanks to everybody for the feedback. It helped to get many things right.

The release notes are available at the web application.


An upgrade of the bootloader is the next thing on the todo list. It will resolve issues with updates on Windows 11.


When I open the link on my phone, I cannot see the changelog. Do I have to have e1 connected?

for me, I had to have the elektra connected and then I could see the release notes.

@martin how is the next version coming together? Any idea for an ETA?

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hi, the 3.7 is quite a major step up in the E1 software architecture. I am currently testing it before I make it available to the testers (or whoever) on I was hoping to have it there already but issues were found. I expect the 3.7 to be available on beta reasonable soon (1 week). The public release will take longer as I want 3.7 to go out with the bootloader update orchestrated by the controller firmware - I need to be super careful with that one as a failed bootloader update may brick the hardware.