Having issues with new Mk2

Hello, I just received my Mk2 yesterday, and I’ve had a difficult first 24 hours with it.

  1. Initial setup went fine. After I copied over DrivenByMoss, the Electra locked up a few times when browsing the controls sets (while Bitwig wasn’t open). Not sure if an Electra bug, but I decided to update the firmware…

  2. On my Windows computer, I downloaded the firmware from the portal and copied it over via USB Disk Mode. I tapped “Restart” on the bootloader interface. This brought me to the Updating Firmware screen. The progress bar didn’t move at all for 2 minutes. I checked this post Expected time to update firmware? - #2 by martin which states that it should take 30 seconds, so manually rebooted the unit by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

  3. This time around, the Updating Firmware screen appeared, but without a progress bar. Again, I let it sit for 2 minutes with no change. To recover the unit, I tapped the red button next to the USB port, restarted the unit, entered the bootloader, went into disk mode, and deleted the firmware update file. Convinced that the file was corrupted, I redownloaded it, copied it over again on my Windows computer, and went through the same process.

  4. That process failed again, and now the Electra isn’t visible to the online editor on either my Mac or my Windows computer.

  5. After trying the firmware update process on my Windows machine again, I tried my Mac machine just in case. The firmware process still fails. Additionally, my Mac was unable to eject the mounted disk multiple times. Each time I tried to eject it, I waited 30 seconds and it wouldn’t eject. I brought up the “Force Eject” menu and attempted to force it, but it still wouldn’t eject/unmount.

  6. While typing this, I mounted it into disk mode again on my Windows computer and deleted the firmware update file. After rebooting twice, the Electra is now visible to the online editor again.

Is it possible that I have a defective unit? Is there anything else diagnostic that I could try?


I posted in that thread initially and have very similar issues (also installed DrivenByMoss, so I might try completely removing that and seeing if the update works). Nevertheless after deleting the update.srec file a few times and going through the reboot (both through the red button on bootloader and physically cycling USB) it managed to stay off and I’ve been working on version 3.2… Interesting that we both have DrivenByMoss, so I might try getting rid of all patches and seeing if that makes any difference


Hi there, just sent a message to both of you. If it is ok with you I would like to go through the update process together. Quite some users updated their units already. I hope that if we do that together we will be able to figure out what is happening. Thanks!

Thank you! @martin was able to fix my problem via chat.


both controllers updated and running. Thank you @trickyflemming and @rthree! I will adjust the Firmware update Electra One mkII document accordingly.

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Very happy to learn that there is no problem with Moss’ Bitwig integration because that’s the main reason why I’m buying an E1. :orange_heart:

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Moss is travelling these days. I am sure that he will double check everything on mkII when he’s back. And will take things even further…

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