Host Port question


I have a USB-midi interface plugged in and it all works just fine. I notice that in settings there is an option to add another device but having tried a few hubs, powered and passive and a few different devices nothing will give me two gadgets.

Is this what itś for and how do I get it working?


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I came here as I have the same problem. I have tried different hubs and trying to get a launch control xl and arturia minilab on usb host but it only shows one at a time. So sorry no answer from me but following for any answers, thank you!

Hey, you’re welcome…so…ummmmmm…you,errrrr, going anywhere nice for your holidays?

I was going to go to Thailand for a few weeks but I’ve got to figure out how to set up two devices in a usb host, so that’s out for another year. You going anywhere warm?

I need to review this one. What I noticed in the past is that E1 kicks the second device (connected to the USB hub) shortly after it is enumerated.


Nice one, it will be so useful when it’s sorted. Thanks.

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Thank you very much!

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