How much memory is left?

Hi Guys, I want to be able to check to see how much memory is left in the E1, How do I do that?
I currently have 603 parameterNumbers and 3200 lines of LUA code in my FS1R preset… and I haven’t even attempted to load and parse a patch yet. That’s next. (I have a mk-II)

There is a lua garbage collect count function that tells you how much is used. I started using it last Sunday so not much to tell you yet

I’ll go look for that one. Thanks.
Hmmm. I don’t see anything like that in the online E1 Manual.
Oh, it’s a LUA function. Experimentation will be required here…

I’d say there’s no need to experiment. On mk2 603 parameters and 3200 lines of Lua is a small fraction of the memory. And on mk1 you are over the limit already…

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Fantastic! Thanks Martin.