Not enough memory - error loading file

Not all my lua functions work anymore. E1 complains about its memory, but I can’t see how I overload it. In Lua there is a matrix of 13 by 8, surely that should be no problem?

In my E1 there are currently only 3 presets:

So what triggers this message in my Blofeld preset?

Hi @NewIgnis,

for a long time @joris.roling and his Access Virus preset kept the first place regarding the complexity of the preset. Getting close to Electra limits. You are taking over now :slight_smile: Your Blofeld preset is touching the memory limits of the firmware. But, there are things that can be optimized. I will review and will make adjustments (in the firmware) that will allow things to nicely fit in the memory.

Please be advised that Electra has only one preset loaded in memory at time. Having multiple presets stored in Electra does not affect the memory usage.

ough and I just started :slight_smile:
For me the Blofeld was a test of the patch parsing with a reasonable amount of parameters, so it would provide you representative feedback. It looks like I succeeded in that area:-D .
The bad news : there is some pretty complex stuff waiting to be handled by the E1like the Korg Karma, its MOSS board, the TG77 and the XV5080, but the good news is I did not intend to go there yet and first do the easier ones.
Can you provide some basic advices on how memory is assigned? I may be an old bugger, but I spent my lifetime in IT related matters without programming myself professionally, so I was already happy the E1 forced my into learning lua and working with json.
Learning about it’s memory intricacies is a next logical stuff.