Incoming SysEx buffer size

Hi @martin

Would it be possible to ‘up’ the incoming SysEx buffer a bit? My Virus TI sends SysEx parameter dumps of 524 bytes, and in the trunked bit there are still some parameters to parse.

handleIncomingSysex: message too long. Parser will use first 512 bytes only


PS FW v1.5.7

I am careful about memory, but will increase this, most likely 1kB. I saw that Virus gets over that.

Sincerely appreciated! :smiley:

If you want to use a modern Synth like the Sequential Pro 3, we need more than that. A single patch is exactly 4 KBytes data…

I am working on Kawai K5000 and I know it is a big sysex dump. So, I went back and calculated its size. It can vary anywhere between 943 bytes to 5388 bytes :open_mouth:!

@martin, this means that we need some form of throttling for receiving sysex dump, correct?

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SysEx are weird in that they can literally be of any size but devices receiving them don’t really want to act before they’re fully received. Feels like an uphill battle to me – a buffer will never be large enough and there is going to be a device that sends larger messages than that buffer. That said, I fully support increasing the buffer as far as it can get :slight_smile:

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here is the story.

Electra can process very large sysex messages - megabytes. It can also keep them them stored. The catch here is that there are two types of RAM inside the controller - the fast one and the slower one. Of course the fast RAM is smaller (256kB) and the slower RAM is larger (16MB). When sysex message is received it is kept as an object that always resides in the slow RAM and it has a cached header bytes in the fast RAM. So far I always parsed the patch dumps using cached data only… for the sake of speed.

Long story short. There is a way increase the size I will tackle this together with @shankar when he works on his K5000 preset.

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That’s fantastic to hear! I will work closely with you on this. I was wondering if I needed to postpone it due to the complexity and size of it, but looks like I can still move forward :slight_smile:.