Patch request question/issue? [Solved]

Working on patch request for Triton MOSS on firmware 1.5.7. Patch size is 698 bytes, so I am assuming some truncating is happening, based on what I understand from

But, my immediate issue is that, after byte 163, the values in the patch dump sysex doesn’t seem to be recognized. I have tested multiple bytes from 0-163 and they are always correctly read by my rule. Above that, I have tried many bytes and it always seems to read 0. I am seeing the actual values in midi-ox by the way, since the new Electra app in windows doesn’t seem to allow seeing/copying all the bytes of the incoming sysex in the midi tab. There used to be logs in the old console which showed this, but those logs aren’t available anymore in the new version.

Has anyone come across this problem? Since Triton loads up all effects parameters on the first 200 bytes (which I really don’t care much for), I am unable to read any param from the patch response that I actually need :frowning:.

The epr and eif examples in github do not seem to go beyond the 163 byte mark. So, I don’t have a good example of where this may be working elsewhere.

I also tried to revert back to 1.5 and old console. Looking at that console logs, it didn’t register the full 698 bytes, but it didn’t also seem to show a truncation at the end. Instead, the byte stream was simply different from what I saw in midi-ox beyond 100ish bytes. So, couldn’t get farther in the prod firmware as well.

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Hi @shankar,

sorry for being slow in responding in last couple of days. We ran out of the assembled stock. I am using free moment between programming for the the assembling.

Please send be your preset, ideally with couple of parameters and the patch dump sysex from the Triton (the 698 bytes file). I should be able to replicate on my side then. Thanks!

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No problem! Thanks for checking in. Will send you the details tomorrow!

Messaged you the preset and the patch dump sysex with some description and log text from electra app. Hope this helps identify the issue!

I can confirm that with the latest firmware, this is no longer an issue. @martin, please feel free to close this one out.

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