Increase midi.sendSysex 256 bytes limit

I spent hours trying to find what was I doing wrong with some sysex strings, until I went to the manual and read the note about the limitation.

I know there must be a reason for that, but could it ever be increased?

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Just to make sure. This is mk1 related. Is that correct?

The limit is there due to memory constraints. As I am backporting functionality from mk2 to mk1, this will be most likely resolved in upcoming update. When done, the limit will be amount of the free memory (for the lua table).

Thanks for the clarification Martin.
Yes, mk1. The documentation says

midi.sendSysex (port, data)

A function to send a Sysex MIDI message. Currently limited to 256 bytes.

There is no mention of being a limit to mk1.

It makes sense that the limit is due to memory. I think mk1 should keep a memory reserved to be at least the 256, to avoid any lua script using all the memory and not even being able to use the 256.