Preset size limitations?

Hi, I have problems to upload larger Presets, is there any limitation for the size of Presets or lua scripts?

My observation is that if a Preset is something above 250k parsing fails sometimes and when it comes to 350k it fails always. Then an empty NoName Preset is loaded.

Here’s the log output:

18:32:03.481 SysexApi::process: sysex received: command=1, parameter=1, byte1=123
18:32:03.687 lua: transport disabled
18:32:03.687 Preset::load: parsing failed
18:32:03.690 Presets::loadPreset: Invalid preset
18:32:03.694 loadPresetFromRam: preset loaded: name=‘NO NAME’
18:32:03.697 Snapshots::createSnapshotDir: cannot create preset snapshot storage
18:32:03.701 Snapshots::initialise: cannot create snapshot directories
18:32:03.702 MainWindow::loadPreset: cannot initialize snapshot storage
18:32:03.704 switchPage: Page switched: page=1, controlSetId=0
18:32:04.892 SysexApi::process: sysex received: command=1, parameter=12, byte1=45
18:32:05.122 SysexApi::process: sysex received: command=2, parameter=4, byte1=247
18:32:05.123 SysexApi::sendPresetList
18:32:05.125 sendPresetList
18:32:31.802 SysexApi::process: sysex received: command=2, parameter=4, byte1=247
18:32:31.804 SysexApi::sendPresetList
18:32:31.805 sendPresetList

The Midi Monitor on the Computer shows the sending of the Preset (with ACK) and the LUA script (NAK) but it looks like that the Preset size causes the problem, not the LUA script (about 90k).

My configuration is

  • E1 MKII, Firmware 3.4, directly connected via USB to an iMac 27" (2020) with Ventura 13.5.1 (I also tried on Macbook Pro M1 Max, same behaviour), Google Chrome 116.0.5845.140

Does anybody has similar experiences regarding larger Presets?


Hi, that is quite a large preset :slight_smile: The parsing area is now 300k. I will increase it. If you send me (on PM) a link the preset, I can verify it all works ok after the memory pool adjustment. Thx!

Thanks for the fast response. I’ll send you the preset.
Yes it’s big, but still 3 pages to implement left :grinning:
Good to know that there is a limit about 300k for not going crazy (any similar limit for lua?).

130k are only for overlays (which is a nice feature). Of course there are some redundant in the preset, so I started to optimize by reducing redundacy with defining them once in a control and then assign to other controls in lua.
Maybe this could be a feature request: define overlays in the editor (independently from a control) and reference them instead of copying.

Also there is potential in the sysex messages, I’ll optimize.


I will increase the pool size size to double of current size. It is kind of an artificial limit, I set it based on the largest presets at given time. Lua has access to all available heap. The limit for Lua is around 20MB now. It it shared by all presets though.

hmm, note that one overlay (defined in overlays) can be assigned to multiple controls - in JSON. You just reference the same overlayId multiple times.

Editor deduplicates the overlays when the preset JSON is generated. The upcoming release has an option to create lists/overlays in Lua. As things are going that way, it totally makes sense to allow editing them independently. I will be working on lists (in the editor) right after the firmware 3.5 is out. There is a lot to do in that area for @Electrolove :slight_smile:

+1 for defining overlay once in the editor and select a previously defined one when adding a control

Hi @martin , is the the pool size increased in firmware 3.5 beta? I still have problems to load the large preset

I feel silly, but could you please send me the link again? I’ve checked my PMs, and I can’t find it. I did increase the parsing buffers, so I need to check what’s going wrong there again."

I sent in the personal chat