Is it possible to send sysex from an option list? Yes

I have an option list with 32 values, 0-31. I need to send a sysex message for value 0, another sysex message for value 1, another for value 2 and so on. Is this possible?

Short answer is yes.

Are the messages very different for each number, or do they have a common set of bytes?

Note that when questions are a bit vague, it’s harder to provide an immediate example. If you can give us more details, like a couple of the messages you want to send, it would be better.

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Of course :slight_smile: Syses messages look like this. All in hex. The numbers in bold are the value that change.

F0 04 0C 23 29 00 00 00 F7
F0 04 0C 23 29 00 01 00 F7
F0 04 0C 23 29 00 02 00 F7

F0 04 0C 23 29 00 1F 00 F7
F0 04 0C 23 29 00 20 00 F7

There must be an option list because each sysex message must have a text describing it.

Take a look at my Waldorf XT preset. Waldorf XT

Click on any Source control and click on “Edit Sysex Data”

You can see how I have a list with values and substitute the current value each time.

(one of my few responses where I do not say – Use LUA. lol)


Thanks, I will take a look :slight_smile:

UPDATE: It works exactly as I want. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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