Is there a way to know if a control is in current active control set?

In LUA script I want to know a certain control is currently in active control set or not.
I know how to get current active control set by pages.getActiveControlSet(), but
I cannot find the way to know which control set a control belongs to.

For example, I want to do this;

local activeControlSet = pages.getActiveControlSet()
local controlSetOfControl = control.getControlSet() -- This function is not available in current LUA function library
if controlSetOfControl == activeControlSet then

Or, more simple way;

if control.isActive() then

Can I achieve similar result by other way?

I also want know how to get the page which a control belong to.

I want to filter out the controls which are currently inactive or not included in current page in certain situation, so I should know where a control belongs to.