Is there an easier way to test sysex strings?

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Just been getting my head round sysex and I was wondering if there is a way to simply enter sysex strings. At the moment it seems that I have two choices, either the visual editor or the JSON one, both are a bit fiddly with lots of vertically stacked information and quotation marks etc. In the midi console I tried to enter sysex in the ‘raw midi message’ box but everything is invalid, what should I be doing?


in the console, the format has to be: F0h 47h 02h

most of us tried to use the more common 0xF0 0x47 0x02 which doesn’t work.
I also think commas are invalid as well.

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yeah, this is a difficult one. Although it is, of course, possible to invent some simple notation for entering the sysex strings, that notation would not do the job as soon as as simple byte/bit transformation would be needed. To be able to express such things in the simple sysex string, a whole new syntax would have to be developed and I am afraid it would become complex too. The advantage of using JSON is that is standard format for data description. Note, you do not have to stack things vertically, [ "43", "00", "1B", "00"] is perfectly valid and can be used.

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