Not proper JSON inside sysex data (?!)


Maybe is it a firmware version issue? Did someone see valid json data coming inside the electra one sysex?

Detailed info:

the spec states that the string sent in the sysex data shall be json format.

However, i see there is a string like


This is not JSON, or am i wrong?

Json would be


Actually i implemented a hacky solution, a proper implementation would use the sysex start/end flag to build an input for a data link layer. One linked package would be complete when one json object is complete. But i dont see a “{” and “}” nested data but a different format which is not specified.

I’m working with cycling 74 max and if it would be json, one could use max’ dict object for parsing the json string. It would make it far less effort to support a complete implementation of the api. But since i dont get proper json data it is not possible to do like this.

Any comments / thoughts on this?


I am just guessing as you provided only a part of the MIDI message… It looks like the “page=1” is part of the log message string. see SysEx implementation | Electra One Documentation.

The log messages should not be used for any programatic communication with Electra. They are really meant to inform user/developer about what is happening inside the controller.

I hope it helps.

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I had a deeper look in the api documumentation and i guess i would need to place a feature request for a notification when the page/presetBank/Slot changes.

I must admit i assumed, that everythin is json format.