LUA question


I wonder if it could be possible to switch preset pages by swiping any empty space between controls left/right for prev/next page navigation?..

Has anyone attempted anything like that? Is this even possible in theory, @martin ?


Hi, there is not much space left between the controls. @oldgearguy is playing with is an idea of “invisible control” positioned above all other controls. Such control can react to and override touch events. I still need to talk to him about that as he is having some troubles with it - the feature was not designed to be used like that. It will most likely need some more tweaking.

One of the outcomes from the Superbooth is that we are going to make it possible for users to configure/change functions linked to the hardware buttons. The current setup is too focused on workign with hardware synths and it is not much friendly to the software / DAWs. When implemented, it will be possible to assign the prev/next page actions to the hardware buttons.

Next to that, the upcoming firmware release will allow Electra One to configure MIDI controllers to act as extenders. The extenders will allow mapping of pads and knobs to trigger actions too.

eg. Akai Key25 configured to switch preset banks, presets, and pages:

Having said this, I will also consider adding touch gestures for triggering some events. The idea was mentioned in the past. Maybe it is a time to review that again.


Great news about being able to use the hardware buttons and extender MIDI controllers soon.

@1AM - On my recent DistingEX preset, I experimented with scripting tapping 3 pots at a time to trigger user actions like switching directly between preset pages - it seems to work OK to me. I got the inspiration and code from the Pot Touch Combos preset.

    if(potStatus == 7) then pages.display(1) end -- Pots 1,2,3 touched
    if(potStatus == 14) then pages.display(2) end -- Pots 2,3,4 touched
    if(potStatus == 28) then pages.display(3) end -- Pots 3,4,5 touched
    if(potStatus == 56) then pages.display(4) end -- Pots 4,5,6 touched
    if(potStatus == 448) then pages.display(7) end -- Pots 7,8,9 touched
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Based on my initial tests, the “box” associated with the standard sizing of the controls and groups does not leave a lot of open space for users to touch in between controls.
Tracking and mapping a swipe is of course possible as long as the initial touch is not picked up by some other control first.

As far as my use of the custom controls - Martin is mostly correct. I do have it working, but it appears to be very sensitive to things like where in the LUA it is defined, the actual control ID number ordering, whether other controls are hidden or visible, and probably the ambient temperature of the Electra One during operation. lol

For example, in two different presets I have it working, but in one case I have to read the custom touch and “pass it along” to the momentary button control you see on the screen. In the other preset, the momentary button “just works” with no extra processing and the custom touch control also just works.

I am using it in the PCM 80 preset to allow users to toggle the delay controls between millisecond display and echoes per beat. It seems like a natural gesture and the custom controls along with some math allows me to determine what is being touched.

FWIW, I also use the idea of layering with groups to create labels across areas that would normally be hard to do
(for example, create a highlighted group with borders covering 4 controls and also position a label above the 3rd control).

I think the idea of the custom touch control is an excellent addition to the Electra UI and with a small bit of tweaking would be a stable way to provide extra options to have an even better user interaction.