Hi I want the blue permanently on. I would like to have this only with touch. is this possible ?? I’m not familiar with Lua

What do you mean?
You want the preset page select menu to stay open?
I do not think its possible.

I do think the preset select menu kind of sucks and was hoping for a option that you can switch pages using a push button element or a Lua call but this isn’t possible.

For me the menu is always disappearing or not responsive. I have to push the encoders multiple times to get to the page i need.

what you want is possible! With a LUA script !

Think you can only change the active control set.
Did not see any Lua call to switch page.
So how would I change a page with Lua?

look in the presets there is an example with the function you want to have. You do that in the editor.

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wow that is great! thanks for pointing that out.

So that seems also the only way for you to get what you want.
I can check for you. might be easy copy and past of some lua script and add 2 buttons and add functions to them in the editor.

yes, take a look at Page switching.

It requires Lua but it is actually very simple.

The following function needs to be added to the Lua editor:

function switchPage(valueObject, value)

And that function needs to be called when the button is pressed:

The “Off value” sets the page to switch to, when the button is released.

Note, if you have more buttons like that in the preset, you should set a unique parameter number to each of them,.


Hi guys, I just tried this preset but the screen is not reacting at all. I must be omitting something obvious, any ideas ?

These functions worked for me on my page buttons. The page buttons are set to ‘momentary’ mode, and there’s no need in this case to reference any of the functions in the control (as parameterMap.onChange handles that)

currentPage = 1
lastPage = 3

function advancePage (inc)
    currentPage = currentPage + inc
    if currentPage > lastPage then currentPage = 1 
    elseif currentPage < 1 then currentPage = lastPage end

function parameterMap.onChange (valueObjects, origin, midiValue)
    if (origin ~= INTERNAL) then return end -- Process only if user changes things (origin can be INTERNAL, MIDI or LUA)
    if paramNum == 321 then -- page down
        advancePage (-1)
    elseif paramNum == 331 then -- page down
        advancePage (1)